Digital Marketing Campaign Checklist For 2019

Author: Admin 18 Jan

Digital marketing is regularly evolving, and it gets more and more complicated almost over the months.

If you’re a marketer, it’s important to catch new trends and tactics if you want to reach your audience in different ways. From segmentation to content strategy and social media marketing I’ve prepared you a complete digital marketing checklist for 2019.

Thanks to the internet, online presence has become an essential part of marketing in recent years. To reach and connect people, digital marketing campaigns have begun to regard as a cornerstone of pretty much every marketing strategy.

Since 2011, the number of marketing technologies has increased rapidly. Today, there is 7,000 marketing tech on the market. Some platforms changing their specs every year and it causes confusion. How can you keep up with the latest technologies as a marketer?

These 10 step digital marketing campaign checklist will help you to easily digest this complicated and ever-changing process and make things simple for you. If you want to avoid any blind spots before you launch your campaign be sure you’ve made your final check from this digital marketing checklist for the upcoming year.

Value Proposition

I start my digital marketing checklist with the value proposition. If you want to drive conversions, building a strong value proposition is crucial. First of all, you need to set clear goals for your business and make a decision. Creating personas for your target buyer will help you to understand their behaviors, emotions and also pain points.

Try to look at your ideal buyers’ perspective before determining the value of your business. Pay attention to the design element as it creates a value. Avoid boring stories because they can’t help you to attract and retain the audience.


Although building traffic through search engines is a long-term process, it’s a vital part of the digital marketing strategy. You need to optimize your content favorably to the prospects who want to find answers for attracting organic, meaningful traffic and improve your search rankings.

The contents you publish should focus on your visitors most asked questions if you want to outrank in the search results. You need to understand the intent behind visitors’ searches to make a good keyword search. Thus you can not only increase the traffic of your website but also attract more qualified prospect.

There are so many keyword research tools, Keyword Magic Tool is one of them. After you find relatively low competition and drive sufficient traffic, optimize your site or post. To make on-page optimization, properly structure your web page or post for search engines to identify your target keyword relevancy.

Off-page optimization focuses on link building and helps search engines to identify how relevant your content is. For further information, you can check these on-page and off-page guides. Now you drive some traffic to your site.

In order to turn your leads into customers, enhance the website experience. Apply the best practices to your site that align with your business goals. Make double or triple checks to be sure that everything is ok. Never ignore the value of the mobile. Your business website needs to be mobile friendly as it’s a Google ranking factor.


After producing relevant contents, curate them in your blog. Blogs allow you to bring your target topics together with your ideal customers. Apart from driving organic traffic and creating value, content also powers your social media and email marketing efforts.

You can change a blog post’s format and repurpose it for Pinterest or SlideShare. Content curation is a way to build relationships with your audience and also influencers to share their unique contents.

Social Media

If you want to build a connected online community, your dedicated social media team should make a content plan. Keeping a social media calendar will ease this process. If you don’t want to miss the mark, make sure that your team shares every content on social media channels at the right time.

When you launch a social media campaign, keep in mind that all the social networks have different requirements in terms of the number of words in the copy, image size, and other specs. For social media scheduling and managing, you can use Hootsuite.


One of the valuable parts of any digital marketing strategy is still email marketing. You can get great results without so much effort. Testing small changes such as call-to-action and subject lines can make a significant difference. According to eMarketer’s 2016 Email Marketing Benchmarks report, the email had a median ROI of 122% in the USA.

You can support your email marketing effort with a CRM tool to manage your relationships with these contacts in a systematic way and observe the results.

Management and Measurement

  • SEO

When you want to find out with which keywords that your customers searching for your product or service, you have so many marketing systems to benefit from. Google Keyword Planner would be a good start. It’ll provide you to find right keywords to use in your Google Ads campaigns. You also need an Adwords tool. Term Explorer would be a choice for you. If you want to see where you are and check your competitors, you can prefer SemRush.

You can find 6 hacks about how to use Google Keyword Planner in the video below:

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  • Email marketing

Email testing and analytics tools will help you to measure your campaigns’ success and effectiveness. With MailChimp, you can create campaigns, automate your workflow and optimize your efforts. If you are looking for an advanced email marketing tool, Mailer Lite can be a great option for you.

  • Social marketing

To optimize social posting, ads, monitor mentions and measure results you can use Buffer (posting, image, analytics), Mention (monitoring), Sniply (social media conversion).

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

HubSpot CRMSalesforceEssentials or Pipedrive would be good solutions if you want to track your customers, nurture more leads and control sales process and expand your business.

  • Advertising

Social advertising, pay per click and display ads are the most common and easily manageable ad models. Remember 70% of the users click on organic search results and paid listings 0 of the time. Through organic traffic, you’ll also get higher conversion rates. Advertising campaigns require additional work and testing to improve results.

As technology and trends are always evolving, you need to overview your digital marketing strategy regularly.

If you’re looking for a fresh start for the New Year, you can have a look at this complete checklist to find out the things you’ve already ticked off or missed in 2018.


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