Why Your Website Might Not Be Getting Revisited

Author: Admin 16 Jan

As a website owner, one of the things you’ll need to deal with is getting people to return to your site. Whether it is a blog or a shopping site, getting people to revisit is absolutely necessary because that’s one of the major things that guarantee increased profits.

When people have an issue of getting revisits, they usually think of content and maybe the site interface. And those are good places to start too. But if you think you have those two down pat and you’re still not getting the revisits you want, there’s one thing you should consider – speed.

If your site isn’t fast enough, you could lose a very large number of potential visitors and re-visitors. Time is of the essence. And if someone visits your website and it seems to be wasting their time, they’ll leave the site, probably never visit again and probably tell all their friends not to visit.

Now, How Long Is Too Long?

You should understand that a second could be the difference between a short loading time and a long one. In fact, statistics show that any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load will very likely be exited.

The thing is, there is a plethora of sites out there that provide the same information you do and or sell the products you do. So if your site cannot give what the visitor wants in about 3 seconds, the visitor will most likely leave. And probably never return.

Speed And Online Shopping

Online stores thrive on revisits and referrals. However, if your site does not load fast enough, you will be losing out on one or both of these. Now, let’s look at a little bit of statistics provided by the Hosting Tribunal.

Statistics tell us that in the US, 51% of customers decide against buying a product from an online store primarily because it is slow. 51%!

That is a significant number if you ask us. Imagine losing 51% of your customers just because you didn’t take the time to make your site load 1 second faster. Even more staggering is that 74% will leave the website if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds on their smartphone.

As you go through this article, we want you to bear in mind that you are not the only one that does what you do. If people leave your website, there is somewhere else to go. So you should always try to keep them on your site.

Why Do We Really Want People To Stay?

Now, aside the obvious reason being that we want them to buy stuff, we really want them to come back and even refer someone else to us. And a customer that stays will most likely come back. To appreciate this, we’ll look to statistics again.

Statistics show us that 75% of visitors will not go back to a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. This tells us that not only will they not stay but they will also not return.

In addition, 44% of customers will tell someone else about a bad online experience. This means you don’t only lose a customer, you also lose a good number of potential customers.

However, Slow Is Not Always Slow

What is slow for a desktop isn’t necessarily slow for a mobile. While a mobile device could be more forgiving and allow for a 4 second loading time, at most.

In fact, statistics tell us that only 12% of users expect their phones to load faster than their desktops while up to 30% expect their desktops to load faster than their phones.

Now while this shows us that websites are expected to load faster on desktops than on phones, we still see that speed is very important.

To even better appreciate this, you should bear in mind that there is a significant possibility that users will not remember your site loading at the speed it actually loads. In fact, they’ll remember it only if the loading takes more time. So you should factor this into your designing.

We’ll end with something we’ve been hinting on. There are other sites that offer what you do at probably the same rates. But if you want your visitors to stay, come back and even invite someone else, you should think of shortening the load time. If you can do less than 1 second, that’ll be great.

If you want to learn more about how speed affects your website, you can check this infographic below.



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